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Illuminory Haven

LumiGlow Silver

LumiGlow Silver

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The 3 Color Touch Table Lamp is the perfect piece of lighting to complete any workspace. This modern, sleek lamp uses advanced technology with a retro touch to bring personality to your home or office. It features three warm colors that are easy to adjust with one touch of your finger. The simple charging dock makes it easy to keep the lamp nearby and in best working condition no matter where you go. You can move it from desk to table and back with no hassle. Its dimming atmosphere allows you to control just how much light you want for the perfect ambiance inside any given space. With its USB port, the 3 Color Touch Table Lamp is designed for both convenience and ease of use. In moments, this desk lamp creates a comfortable atmosphere that brings character, charm and warmth into your work area—getting the job done in an effortless, stylish way.


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