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Illuminory Haven

DJ Party Strobe Lights

DJ Party Strobe Lights

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- It is a light and small portable led mini strobe light, only the size of your palm, weight 0.55 lbs, simple function, Once powered, it will work, you can adjust its flash rate through the knob. But its brightness will definitely be beyond your expectation. In fact, it has 48pcs 5050 full color led lamp, which are more bright than all other same style products (currently all other same style products have 36 beads only )

- It’s power is 12w , it can work 24 hours without interruption, and it never heat up even running all night. It use led lamp with life of 100,000 hours, It is very energy efficient. You don't worry spend more money on electricity.

- It has a wide range of applications, especially for Halloween decorations, Christmas parties, you can use it in small bars, private parties, wedding ceremonies, birthday dances, kitchens, farmland, vegetable fields, Also we've heard from many customers who put this mini flash in their barn, loft or garage as a warning light


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